Top Five Father’s Day Gifts from Grey Barn Boutique

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we wanted to bring you some fashionable choices for the men in your life this year. Here are four Father’s Day 2022 gift ideas from the current men’s fashion trends. 

Branded Hats

Hats of some style will always be in fashion, but branded baseball caps are where it is at right now. Has with neutral thread and fabric create a more subtle look, but bright and bold is also appropriate for the men!

Graphic T-Shirts

Here in the south, the men have their good t-shirts, and their probably shouldn’t be worn in public t-shirts. A t-shirt with a simple front, but complex graphic back is an absolutely staple of any man’s wardrobe. As with the hats, there are neutral and bold options that work well for his style. 

Classic Belts

While most things are getting a bold and brassy makeover, a classic belt will never go out of style. If the men in your life do not have a high quality classic belt in both black and brown, this is the perfect option for them. A high quality belt is an absolute must in every man’s wardrobe. 

Bold or Colorblocked Swim Trunks

Summer is great for spending time at the lake or making a weekend trip down to the beach. If the man in your life is still wearing the same pair of faded navy swim trunks he had when you met in 1999, then it is definitely time for an upgrade! The trend for men’s swim trunks is either bold and loud color patterns, or deep solid colors. A good pair of swim trunks will last for years, so it’s okay to treat them like the wardrobe investment they are. 

We hope that you have an absolutely wonderful father’s day this year! If you need any help picking out gifts for the men in your life, feel free to come by the store anytime for one on one assistance. 

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