How to Build a Wardrobe

Finding your style is tough. Building an entire wardrobe around your style can be even tougher. We wanted to make it easier for you by giving you a few guidelines to consider when building out an entire wardrobe around your style. 

Know Your Lane

If you are wanting to commit to a particular style whether it be specific (e.g. cottage chic) or broad (e.g. modest), it is important to start off with a good foundation. Utilize tools such as pinterest to research your style and see what is currently trending in terms of colors and fabrics. This will give you a good idea if an outfit your looking at matches your style. 

Start with Quality Denim

Unless your style is all skirts all the time, you are going to need a pair of jeans in your closet. I highly recommend investing in a pair of quality, minimally distressed denim jeans as a foundation piece for your wardrobe. Good denim will feel thicker to the touch, have little to no pilling on the fabric, and will last you for years to come. And of course, make sure they have real pockets. 

Add in Comfy Shoes

Let’s face it, no one feels cute when their feet hurt. Whether your style calls for tennis shoes, boots, or heels, make sure you own at least three pairs of comfortable shoes in your style. 

Next Comes Basic Tops

A basic top is one that comes in a standard cut such as tshirt, tank, or bralette. These can be in any color that matches your style, but they should not have elaborate beading or artwork on them. These pieces are meant to be your base of any layering you choose to do. 

Layer In the Statement Pieces

Statement pieces absolutely make or break any outfit. A statement piece can be as simple as a bold kimono, or as elaborate as a pair of kaleidoscope earrings. When choosing to layer in your statement pieces, make sure to choose coordinating colors for your style. 

Top It Off With A Jacket

At least one solid jacket is a must. A comfortable, stylish jacket will extend the usefulness of your summer wardrobe into fall, and maybe even winter if you’re in Alabama. Most styles will benefit from either a leather or jean jacket for the transition season. 

We hope this information helps you put together your first styled wardrobe! If you need individualized help, come by and see us at our storefront in Haleyville, Alabama.

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