Ageless Fashion Choices

When I was in my 20s I remember being constantly bombarded with advertisements for the latest fashion choices for me. It seemed like when I hit my mid-30s, the fashion industry forgot that I existed. When I hit 40, things became even worse when ads started mentioning elastic waistbands as a selling point. One of the reasons I started Grey Barn Boutique was to help women feel beautiful at any age, and forcing anyone over 39 to wear baggy clothes does not cut it for me. While a personal styling session is best, here are a few tips to change any “too young” outfit into your new favorite style.

Neutrals Are a Safe Space

You may think a certain style looks garish on the rack in hot pink or orange, but there is almost always a neutral option! Dialing back the color can help a piece feel more refined and mature. When it doubt, try a piece you’re on the fence about in a neutral tone and you can always jazz it up with statement jewelry later. 

Change That Neckline

You may absolutely adore some of the newer styles coming on market, but the plunging neckline may not be for you. It’s true that most of use have a little more to support up top than we did in our 20s, and it’s okay if putting everything on display with deep v is not for you. One way you can wear these pieces is by adding a bralette or lacy tank top underneath to change the neckline of the outfit. The layered look is very much in this summer, and the perfect bralette can absolutely change the style of a piece. 

Make Your Own Sleeves

If you love your arms, then show them off sister! But one issue I hear holding my girls back from wearing trendy clothing is concerns with upper arms showing. Whether it is for modesty, style, or body conscious reasons, we believe that you always look the most fashionable when you are comfortable with what you are wearing. If there is a top you love, but it is sleeveless, you can always make your own sleeves by wearing a kimono or lightweight jacket. This way you can wear the new styles you love, but in a way that makes you feel comfortable. 

We hope this expert advice gives you the tools you need to discover your own style at any age. If you are still unsure of where to start, nothing replaces working with someone face to face. Make sure to swing by our store in Haleyville, Alabama for one on one styling assistance.

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